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Andrew Jeffrey Wright's T's of Horror

Art collective Space 1026′s Andrew Jeffrey Wright is one of the most creative dudes I know. And hilarious. His work is all over the place, and toes the line between art and comedy- I have one of his hilarious comic screen prints (I’ve mentioned before- it has two dudes who decide to “grow beards” and it is one of my favorite pieces I own). He makes paintings and screen prints of beautiful patterns, does stand up comedy, arty videos and photography.

One of my favorite recent pieces is a Kinetic sculpture that is a collaboration with Barry McGee. The outside is a trash can full of Furby’s, the inside is a bathroom, complete with Furby with a McGee-drawn arm, tagging the mirror with “Jim Drain,” because he “loves Jim Drain.”

His work is intelligent, witty, and most importantly, leaves me smiling, giggling and creating joke scenarios in my head. His new video- part mini horror film, part commercial for his new T shirt project, is no different.

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