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Pomp & Clout Mixseries

Gifts to yourself can sometimes be the best gifts during the holiday season. So do yourself a favor and check out the Pomp & Clout Mixseries. All the mixes are free. Gifts from the participating DJ’s and producers to Pomp & Clout, from Pomp & Clout to the world, and reposted from me to you.

Personal recommendations: The MayaVanya Mix (volume 4) is a daily fixture on my headphones and a personal favorite by far. A solid hour of slightly electronic Dancehall, Cumbia, and great beats. Diplo’s mix (Volume 1) is not far behind with his own takes on some soul and funk tracks, with a few danceable bits thrown in throughout.

i want my ex girlfriend back

Pomp & Clout are a multimedia design and production firm based out of Brooklyn.



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