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No New Enemies

The No New Enemies Network
No New Enemies is an international network of artists, designers and creative thinkers, which is registered as a European non-profit association in Brussels, Belgium.

The No New Enemies network was founded as a structure to support artists and work towards the social exploration of media aesthetics. It’s creation was inspired by a traveling community of artists in the spirit of friendship and fraternity with shared fun as initiation.

NNE Web provides contemporary art and culture news with a focus on action based practices and community engagement in the art of living.

NNE actions are privately, publicly and often not funded. The network is registered as a Non-Profit (asbl/vzw) based in Brussels, Belgium.

In name, No New Enemies was created as a reaction to the media and political climate in 2004. In practice, it enacted a desire to support this expansive network of young socially minded artists, designers and other aesthetic explorers looking for social interaction.

“I had just finished filming a documentary on the Practice of Democracy in Washington D.C.. At that moment a group of young nomadic artists I continued to meet in various European cities provided my favorite example of what that might mean. With unsolicited creative narratives in public spaces and sleepless nights as common interests, they formed an odd community of like-minded strangers. It was brave, beautiful and not that self-aware at the time. It was also, and remains to be so much fun. NNE was a structure to support independent art and expression of freedom.” — Harlan Levey

Members of No New Enemies are part of our network, but may be represented by galleries around the globe. Our support system acts as a source and catalyst, used to stimulate dialogue, action and encourage art appreciation. No New Enemies is committed to promoting each member’s actions and ideas, from new works to gallery shows to interviews and special projects. Not restricted to predicates such as nationality or medium, the network is founded on personal relationships, friendships, quality of work and commitment to exploring new potentialities.

Aside from our dedicated support, No New Enemies also organizes our own projects. These have included group and solo exhibitions in galleries, museums, basements, squatted spaces and our own homes, as well as public interventions, workshops, lectures and philanthropic engagements.


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