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By Guess & By Gosh

The Berlin based art collective 44Flavors will be exhibiting Frei Schnauze! / By Guess and by Gosh! in the NeonChocolate Gallery, Berlin. The work of 44Flavors, consisting of Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle, showcases a high level of knowledge of the diverse fields of art, by incorporating and rearranging them to bring their own visions to life.

Growing up with graffiti and the derivative sample and remix culture of hip-hop, both artists developed their individual styles without the implicit limits of any specific medium – instead they exploited multiple media to support and best express their ideas and tastes at the moment of creation. The gallery says: “44flavours is not only synonymous with the strangely beautiful exhibitions, which frequently sprout up all over Europe, but also with a cutting edge Design Studio, which focuses on a very broad scope of graphic design, illustration and typography.”

44flavours is still evolving in an environment of freedom and creativity. Their studio activity is dedicated to pushing skill, craft and conceptual knowledge to their ever widening limits.

Where: NeonChocolate Gallery / Lychener Str. 23 / 10437 Berlin

When: November 27 – December 4


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