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Amigo Mucho Fusion

Since it’s opening last year the Galo Art Gallery has become a little hot spot in Turin for talented artists with a focus on action based art. Featuring veteran-street-art-heroes like Ottograph, The London Police, Morcky, Microbo, Bo130, and Galo himself, they now invited Pez and Keno to join the realms.

Kenor started painting in the 1990s. Son of a Seville painter and photographer, Keno emerged into street art in the late eighties and decided to transport and give his art to the city of L’Hospitalet and later Barcelona; walls, trains, free and moving art. Kenor is fascinated for typography and logos, experimenting with letters without a prototype.
In 2000 Kenor started to discover all what he had inside to share, “color, life, eyes, clouds, parallel worlds, dreams, hope, illusion, the town, corners, the smell, laughs, light, touching with your eyes closed.”

“Creating the expectation of traveling through walls where change and incoherence play with us… The distortion of space gives the receptor infinite possibilities… The protagonist falls, capable of choosing and imagining a different dimension that helps him grow. Visions that suggest the exploration and exit of the world, recreating spaces of freedom and opening windows, gives life to destruction decorating cities until the end.” (Keno according to Galo Art Gallery)

Pez (Jose Sabate) is one of the most prolific street artists from Barcelona, and started to paint on the streets in 1999. At first he used to write his signature, and soon it evolved into a fish. One day he decided to paint a fish character near his tag. El Pez was born! He found the huge smile as a way to pass on good vibrations to the walkers on the streets.
Since then he hasn’t stopped to spread good vibrations on the streets with his funny characters. “Barcelona Happy Style” and “Smiling Since 1999″ are his catchwords. Pez is one big smile and a character that enjoys a colorful world and comic situations. You can find Pez’s works in a lot of international street art books and documentaries published over the world, including a short appearance in Exit Through the Gift Shop by Banksy.

Pez and Keno, two colorful artists, will be joining as friends -as the title suggests- and artists to merge and divert. Maybe Keno decides to do a performance, as in the video above. So, Ladies beware!

Who: Kenor and Pez

Where: Galo Art Gallery / Via Saluzzo 11/G / 10125 Turin

When: January 7 – February 20


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