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Alexone, Case, and Jaspar Joffe Talk

Last year Ralph Lauren put together the Art Stars project where more than 50 European artists created works on the same object, a star (yes, the company’s logo), which were then shown around Europe and ultimately auctioned off for charity at Phillips de Pury in London.

As part of the project they brought artists around to do talks and act as mentors in workshops. These three presentations by Alexone, Case, and Jasper Joffe interesting and personal discussions of their artistic history and practices. Expectedly there is a slightly forced plug for the Art Stars Competition at the end of each presentation, but this doesn’t take away from the honest and open monologues given by the artists.



Jaspar Joffe

As you hear in the videos Ralph Lauren is opening up the project as a competition for young artists to create their own star pieces and be a part of this ongoing project. So there’s my semi-forced plug for the competition. Yes, there’s prize money involved too, so if you’re interested you can check out the website and submit your work. Deadline is February 4th.


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