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Black Flys

Smash137 is one of the leading graffiti artists in Europe and has had a big influence on the international writer scene with his styles. Known for his unique letter-styles and color combination Smash keeps continuously developing his writing and knows how to combine his style with a surprisingly divers set of materials. Since 2002 he’s a member of the Montana Writer Team. Currently he lives in Basel and Barcelona.

This video captures a three-way collaborative mural, painted in Miami for the most recent “Art Basel” art fair. Filmed by and created for Black Fly, the artwork was created by graffiti artists Risk and Smash 137. Originally dubbed Can Massacre by Smash due to the fact that cans were brutally cut to make the work, you will see the way in which paint flew freely across the piece to produce a carefree image, inspired by the attitudes of the artists.

BLACK FLY X RISK X SMASH 137 X MIAMI from Willie Toledo on Vimeo.

Director: Willie Toledo


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