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Advertising Gone Wrong – Neckface

We receive quite a lot of advertising and press releases in our editorial office. Yesterday we received one that made us sick.

Here we’re faced with a dilemma: When you get stuff like this do you even write about it? Any press is good press especially for a cheap gag. On this hand, we prefer to let it slide by. On the other, shouldn’t you call shit SHIT? Don’t we have to stand up and say “what the hell is going on?” when a brand encourages theft to its young consumers?

“NECKFACE creeps while you sleep in the trenches of your domain. He stalks the brisk chill of the night with a heavy hand and smooth, evading elegance to avoid any needless conflicts with the fuzz. An Altamont contributor since day one, NECKFACE leaves his mark again on the Spring 2011 Altamont collection.

“Take a gander at what NECKFACE himself had to say about his collection: ‘The whole line is basically based off bum wine and stealing shit. Cheap booze and stealing shit to save your money to buy a new board. For skateboarders, that’s nothing new to us. Stealing is part of our deal, we don’t have a lot a money. Hopefully the kids will be able to get their stuff easier and quicker.’

“The Gabriel pants’ back pocket fits whatever. There is an old trick called ‘up the back’. In one solid motion, you grab the item and drop it in the back of your pants. It won’t fall down all the way, now there is a pocket to catch it.”


Modart started as a mag talking about art coming out of the American skateboard scene … and this new promotion from Altamont makes us wanna break our boards over somebody’s head.

We wholeheartedly agree with the creative director of Modart, Harlan Levey, when he said: “Neckface is known … pretty big in the US as far as skinny white street artists doing trendy brand work go… but encouraging kids to steal? kids whose parents pay for this shit? … Dogtown is far away … these companies don’t sell to people with no money and a skateboard isn’t a reason to steal – it isn’t bread, you can’t eat it – what assholes … makes us wonder if Neckface is taking the piss out of a stupid brand? Or if this is just another sign of a soulless subculture trying to be cool and shitting on the world for no good reason. This is some lame punk ass gag and his mother oughta slap him silly while the brand managers out to be dragged out to sea, given paper cuts and left to suffer for days til the sharks arrive. So much I love about skateboard culture, but this is a sign of sickness and a lust for cash before all other values.”

In a word: DIGUSTING

In two words: FUCK OFF

Or maybe its a joke and we’re losing our senses of humor?

Actually – even if it’s a joke, it just ain’t funny.

Just cause you like to watch Jackass, doesn’t mean you need to strive to be one!


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