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Diamond Waves

Last week HeliumCowboy in Hamburg released the first woodblock print by the mysterious Alex Diamond and his Alex Diamond Mining Company. Hand-rubbed and printed in a very old-fashioned technique, the prints refer to the traditions of Japanese wood prints, the works of the Paris artists of the early 1900″s that were strongly slots influenced by this Japanese movement and more “recent” German print masters such as Horst Janssen and combine this with the contemporary art of today (and maybe even the influences from the street/urban art movement therein).

The print has been released in a very small edition (12) and is the first in a series that will be published over the course of the THE ALEX DIAMOND COMPANY/Into The Night-project. Due to the very manual, hands-on technique each print is unique.

the alex diamond mining company | woodblock printing from alex diamond on Vimeo.


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