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This Saturday, March 19, No New Enemies member Sitnie opens the first part of his solo show titled Noir at the GO Gallery in Amsterdam. The second solo show will take part at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice Beach, L.A. on 8 April, 2011. One series, on two sites of this planet and a solo show as US debut. You go Sitnie!

“With ‘Noir’ Sit returns to his bold black & whites, examining the troubled relation between the animal kingdom and mankind even closer. This time around his work is focused on the magnificent beauty of the beast and the way it is used to serve the vanity that is intricate to humanity.

“The result is a haunting series that is simultaneously sexy and morbid. The sensual textures of fur and feathers are juxtaposed with pale animal skulls and soft female curves to illustrate the malicious blackness gnawing away at the edges of our sense of beauty.”

Also available will be his beautiful limited edition Gilcee Prints (35) on 310gr. German Etching Paper.


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