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The Ill Mannered Milkman

Willehad Eilers, better known as Wayne Horse, is not only a workhorse, but a genius with a truly unique way of telling a story and a humor that never seizes to amaze me. His latest project, The Ill Mannered Milkman, is a film, which follows the infamous Teddy Milks and the ABC kids into the woods, as a fictional story is transformed into a real event through coincidence, ritual and the reflection of opening doors and dodgy decisions.

As Harlan Levey describes it: “You start by making something. This something is not defined. It has a beginning and then it develops. One day this something is made. You look at it and have a sort of one-way conversation. You understand the thing, might even give it a name and then you begin to understand the history of your actions in reverse.

“If you’re a guy like Willehad, who is constantly making things, over time it becomes natural for links to appear as all this stuff develops character. These are accidental connections that appear after the fact. Willehad looked back at the stories, which had been written by works he created for other reasons and used them for plot and character development, hijacking their appearances to create an environment where the stories can safely collide and fracture into the hands of non-actors, who create a real story on film.

“It is not the same as working with a final objective or telling a story that comes to an end, but about using narrative to draw the audience into your thoughts; an orchestrated version of improvisation; a skillful manipulation of emotion and boundary similar to those illustrated by the other three artists. The film provided the location for all those other things to finally come to life. In it’s own story, the film deals with cultural issues such as reality TV and ‘next best’ culture, with old boy’s networks and fraternity and faith.”

Upcoming Saturday The Ill Mannered Milkman will be premiering at the newly opened HLP showroom in Brussels, together with new work from Wayne in the exhibition More Future.

What do you see when you look into the future? More Future!


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