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Help Kick Starting Superheroes

Dear friends, members and art enthusiasts,

As you know we like giving; and we like it a lot. But today we are looking for your support for a very special project that we have often talked about.

Many of you have been watching Abner Preis’ wild ride over the last few months and saw the Superhero Project included in high profile art, fashion and design events while continuing to empower average (and not so average citizens) by transforming them into Superheroes.

The trip of Abner and Harlan Levey Projects to Miami last December was telling. It is not often that you find an activist piece of art (especially one based in performance), which is taken seriously by the contemporary market. Abner’s work has not only crossed the boundary between different creative industries, but has also demonstrated that acclaimed fine art can still be socially engaged.

At a time when public subsidies to the arts are diminishing and the world reads about crisis after crisis, it is not surprising that a project, which speaks of joy, empowerment and unlocking potential is successful as it hits the streets. It is a great testimony to Abner however, that the project has been so well received by the public at large as well as decision makers in a highly critical market.

Now HLP and Abner are going to put that to the test as they embark on an ambitious journey across the United States.

The relationships created in the last 6 months make us more than confident that they will reach agreements with a suitable publisher for the book, with film festivals and a production house for the short series of films and with reputable fairs and museums to deepen the reach and legacy of this bold initiative as the artwork created in the USA is displayed.

But before they get there, they need to get to the US, get on the road and start creating new heroes. For this they can use your support.

There are several ways you could help them out. They’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter, which gives you all the details. While they’re looking for financial support to produce the project, they’d also appreciate any hand you want to lend in helping them establish new contacts in the cities they visit, arranging accommodation with friends or family and spreading the word about this project.

For more information regarding past Superhero performances of Abner Preis, media coverage and how you can help visit the website of HLP. Feel free to contact them with any inquiries.


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