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IdN Glitch & Mix

The Sydney and Hong Kong based magazine IdN (International designers’ Network) is an international publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community. Their mission “is devoted to bringing designers from around the globe together to communicate with, learn from and inspire one another.” A mission we share and support.

This July and August IdN is publishing two interesting new releases. One is the magazine’s Glitch Issue, the other Idn Video’s Mix Media.

The Glitch Issue deals with the modern problem of digital imperfections and how these can be a nightmare for some, but an inspiration to others: “In the ever-more-perfect world of computerised design, accidents can be inspirational. When the software seizes up, some free spirits become even more creative. What was once a goof is now a genre – let the featuring 12 glitch-design specialists explain how it has opened up new vistas for them.”

Benjamin Gaulon | Chris Seddon | Clement Valla | Justin Blyth | Kim Asendorf | Misha Shyukin | Olivier Ratsi | Quayola | Rob Sheridan | Rogier de Boevé | Sebastian Onufszak | Tokyo22

IdN Video’s current issue Mix Media deals with movie makers, who are mixing it up: “Film-making is a bit like cake-baking – time and ingredients are critical to the final outcome. Faced with short deadlines and miserly budgets, the trick is to bring various techniques to bear in a bid to make your movie stand out from the crowd. We take a look at the various mix’n'match approaches adopted by some leading exponents of the genre.

“As the race to stand out from the crowd hots up, more motion designers are personalising their products by bringing different media to bear on them. Experience 20 kinds of mix’n'match movies by such innovative directors as Brand New School, Postpanic and Tiny Intervention.”

IdN Video v18n3 Trailer: Mixed Media from idnworld on Vimeo.

89 min
Dolby Digital
All Region DVD
8 page Frenchfold insert


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