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China Censors Heart Noose

Censorship and oppression in China should come as no surprise. While t Methode Pour Se Fixer Des Objectifs he arrest of Ai Weiwei caused a world-wide media hype of agitation, shock and minimum-effort-maximum-attention-’free Weiwei’-activities, hundreds -if not thousands- of artists and free thinkers are imprisoned every year. That Weiwei’s arrest caused so much awareness is amazing. At the same time it’s infinitely sad that we only seem to remember the pain such regimes can cause, when it concerns our own little horizon.

Censorship starts with the little things…Like my mother, who grew up in the GDR and once told me the story of how she almost got expelled from school, because someone from the city council overheard her complaining to a friend about how inefficient the heating system at her school was.

Back in China the British artist Shok-1 got his own taste of censorship. Shok-1 was invited to paint a giant mural in China, but has now been told that the government wants to censor it out. The big heart-shaped noose is not welcome and Shok-1 is calling on his fans and contacts to comment on his flickr photo and spread the word to make them change their mind:

“If you don’t believe in censorship please spread the message in whatever way that you can. Comments on the page above would also help. I’m hoping that enough awareness might lead them to change their minds about destroying it. Time is of the essence.”

In times of Arabian Springs and political protests of discontent Europeans, fighting windmills seems to carry an breeze of hope again. A breeze I thought my generation would be too comfortable to get a whiff off, when operating their smart phones. So we spread the message to go out to all the Don Quichot’s feeling brave today.

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Methode Pour Se Fixer Des Objectifs


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