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Cowboys and Aliens

In the context of Tour de la Creativite by Gauloises, HeliumCowboy -after a long break- presents the group show Cowboys and Aliens. For this event HeliumCowboy invites their usual suspects, like Moki, Boris Hoppek, Jon Burgerman and Alex Diamond, plus two artists, who will premier at the ranch: Jules Wenzel and Willehad Eilers (courtesy by Harlan Levey Projects), better known as Wayne Horse.

Tour de la Creativite is an incentive by Gauloises inviting art enthusiasts on a guided ‘urban intervention’ tour through Berlin and Hamburg. On each tour you will be guided through the colorful backyards and streets by collector Elma Lause (Hamburg) and Anne Naundorf and Ingo Stern (Berlin) from Galerientour.

During the special tours on offer you get a choice between an Insider Tour, House Visit, the Shared Street Art Apartment and a Vernisage. The latter will take place at HeliumCowboy.

The evening of the Vernisage will also be the first time they’ll open the courtyard behind the gallery, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the summer is back on August 4.

A very special highlight is presented by Ole Utikal, better know as 56K, who will create a new mural on two facing walls in our space. The artist, who is the spin doctor behind the exhibition theme Cowboys and Aliens, will paint his very own version of the contradiction that lies within the title of the show.

Nina Braun
Ole Utikal (56K)
Boris Hoppek
Jo Fischer
Alex Diamond
Jon Burgerman
Casey McKe
Jules Wenzel
Willehad Eilers (Wayne Horse, courtesy of Harlan Levey Projects)

heliumcowboy artspace GmbH
Bäckerbreitergang 75
20355 Hamburg

Vernisage: August 4, 2011
Exhibition: August 5 – August 12


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