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Business or Pleasure?

Choose your own adventure….

I enjoy flying. But I’m not very good at it.

First starters, I’m no good at sitting still for too long. Then there’s the whole thing about just sitting in a chair watching a movie… traveling at crazy speeds…at 35,000 feet!

But I always go with it. The excitement and free alcohol overrules. I associate getting on a plane with a sense that a real adventure is about to happen. Once you’re up, you’re up. You can’t just get off. You can’t turn around. In the words of the great Hunter S. Thompson: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

We were on our way to New York from London. My manager and I, while taking full advantage of the complimentary Bloody Marys and discussing World Domination, were handed slips of paper to fill in at our convenience before landing. All the usual details plus a multiple choice survey to check the reason of our visit (and to check if we had ever been arrested, involved with espionage, sabotage or terrorist activities).

The purpose for this mid-July trip to New York was to paint. I was taking part in a few group exhibitions and also had plans to paint walls, canvases, and any other objects I could find along the way. The question was, which box should I tick?

Business, tourism, or other.

The truth was, I didn’t know. The fact is, I never know. As a full time artist, I am ‘never not working’.

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