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Analogue Boy in a Digital World

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is too easy to forget, or overlook the fact that those windows are also built-in lenses, 3D camera and extensive hard-drive that stores and catalogues almost every image we experience.

This month I was reminded of my growing dependence on digital technology as I lost my Cannon G11 camera. The G11 is a wonderful piece of equipment, and I have used it every day for over a year. The best/worst/most poetic point of this digital departure was that the camera had more than 200 photographs on its memory card.

I am now traveling back in time. I have dusted off my old Yashica minitec 35 mm camera, and if I am honest, I am very happy about it.

I love all things digital, however, the photograph is a special thing, an art form, the camera is a fixer of moments in time. Special moments, posed, and caught in a flash of blinding personal nostalgia. These days, however, that ‘special moment’ is overruled by an immediate recognition of what looks ‘good’, and “oh no, I hate that photo, take it again”, a luxury we have quickly grown accustomed to. Added to by immediate uploads, cropping, colour adjustment, artsy filters and social network tagging. The result: a small, low-resolution, prescribed and designed version of events.

Until I can afford a new camera, I am forcing myself to celebrate shooting from the hip, closing the viewfinder and winding on a real-life piece of celluloid film. Forgetting about the image until I can develop the roll and rediscover those forgotten moments, complete with imperfections, red eyes, and accidental blurry snap shots.


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