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Enlist for UK’s Largest Collab

Close to Wembley stadium is a 175 metre wall that’s seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters every day, but it’s anything but eye candy. That is about to change with an enterprising scheme, supported by Brent Council and being championed by local waste management business, Seneca to whom the wall belongs.

The aim is threefold, to create a visually inspiring artwork; to overcome a persistent and ugly vandalism problem and promote the urgent need for us all to draw a close to society’s wasteful ways and to re-imagine and re-engineer our waste materials, domestic and commercial, into a valuable resource that can be reused.

“This project is a really positive use for the wall.” Says Shaun Rowberry from Seneca. “We’re aiming to transform it over a series of weekends in November, into a highly impactful, visually impressive sustainable message: Re-image Waste as a Resource to be Reused and Recycled”

A call had gone out in October to street artists around the country to ask for their hard hitting artistic interpretations of a world where waste is always a valuable resource:

“We want this wall to inspire all who see it. Seneca are delivering a “cradle-to-cradle” solution in Wembley; giving new life to discarded materials by recycling them or making them into something new. They “re-imagine waste as a resource” and would like your interpretations and visions for a “waste-less society”. Submissions need to be made before the 10 November 2011 when the final selection will be made.”

Submission process: Simply fill out the brief form here together with your selected image.

Montana Black paint will be provided to all those who are invited to participate and food and drinks will be provided by Seneca but no further production budget as such. It is anticipated that each contributing artist will be provided with a maximum of 8 x 3 metre wall space to create their artwork All health and safety requirements will be met by Seneca.

Judging process: This is intended to become a work of art that will be renowned for its relevance and collaboration. We are asking everyone to record their vote for the entry they want to win, on the site and asking leaders from within the local Wembley community and the art world to help us make this vision turn in to spectacular reality. Selection panel to be announced. Winner will be announced on the senecawall blog and there will be a high profile event to announce winners – taking place at the wall itself.

What the artist would gain from submitting work: This is a great opportunity for the artist’s work to be featured on the blog, receive high profile media coverage when the wall is unveiled and get the chance to work alongside some of the most respected street artists around.

Submit your work HERE!


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