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Mousse Art at Showroom MAMA


Highlighting the best of Mousse Art, the “Highbrow, Lowbrow, Nobrow – MOUSSE!” show opened in last Friday at Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam.

The exhibition of contemporary Mousse Art was produced in collaboration with Harlan Levey, Editor in Chief of Modart Europe and included artists like Zoe Strauss, Nomad, Stefan Gross, East Eric, Isaac Cordal, Mark Jenkins, and Tobias Allanson.

Moussism refers to process as much as movement. It discusses taste, legacy and the line between art and activism to explore creativity and social well being.

Modart was launched in 1999 to document the attitudes and showcase the actions of emerging artists, and their relationship to a language of rebellion. As the last century came to a close, civil disobedience was on the rise. Modart was not interested in ‘art’ in any professional sense, but rather in art as something that was lived. As a magazine, Modart communicated a plea for increased artistic amateurism and participation. In returning to it’s original topic, Modart illustrates Moussism as a universal and hidden movement that confirmed artists like Carravaggio, Duchamp and Basquiat belonged to while living.

Exhibition runs until the 23rd of June


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