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The Illmannered Milkman Revisited

Willehad Eilers, better known as Wayne Horse, has a truly unique way of telling a story and a discomforting humor that makes you giggle when you think you shouldn’t. While his recent short movie, The Illmannered Milkman, premiered last year, he decided to follow his intuition and re-edit the whole thing.

It’s a different film now, but the essence remains the same: we follow the infamous Teddy Milks and the ABC kids into the woods, as a fictional story is transformed into a real event through coincidence, ritual and the reflection of opening doors and dodgy decisions.

Read the interview with Wayne Horse on No New Enemies.
Also, don’t forget to check out Wayne’s artwork in our web shop.

THE ILLMANNERED MILKMAN from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.


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